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Green Grass

For some reason, an old song that my mom used to sing all the time keeps playing in my head. I do not remember it except for one line..."The green green grass of home..." Anyone know this song?

Anyhow, it is making think...maybe I am a bit homesick. Maybe I need the comfort that only my "real" home can give. Despite the fact that I left my parents' house around 15 years ago, I still consider that my home. Ever get that feeling sometimes?

It's also making me think of another aspect of green - the greener grass on the other side. As I was browsing through my favorite blogs, I read about how my blogger friends in the US are cold, and how they want the sun. (Maybe they should go to Florida or Texas and stay at a nice hotel by the beach or any of the numerous Dallas Texas hotels.) Me, I am yearning for a bit of respite from the heat that we are experiencing now. It's not even the height of summer and yet it is SO hot, you won't believe it.

And yeah, it is the heat that makes me ramble...


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