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Going Healthy

There's this country song by Tim McGraw (if I am not mistaken) that talks about a person turning 30 and promising to himself that he would live a better life in his next 30 years. I liked the song when I first heard it and told myself that I would try to do the same thing when I turned 30. Now I am here, and it seems that I am actually taking baby steps towards a better me.

It's not like I am doing all that radical stuff like colon cleansing, yoga, etc., but as I posted yesterday, am walking more, eating less (I think!) and generally feeling better. I think that I shall come up with a more specific plan of action to achieve my still hazy goals in the next few weeks. Heck, I might even join the gym down the road!

(Numi, is that you???)


  1. I'm trying to figure out how yoga became radical...?

  2. For me it IS radical. For you, it's the NORM. :p


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