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Need to Get Fit

This is one desire that I never seem to turn into reality. Year in and year out, I would talk about exercising and getting fit. After a few weeks (even days!) of trying though, I would soon forget about it.

Last weekend, Jerry and I were watching Sports Unlimited, and we saw a feature about Moalboal, Cebu. Apparently, they also have good a good beach there - perfect for snorkeling. Even more beautiful was this mountain river tour, which we now want to do in September.

In order to do this, we have to both shed a considerable amount of weight AND actually get off our bums. We're starting - we bought "healthy" food at the grocery store yesterday. I am going to ride my bike today. I am also looking at other exercises - maybe the Kettlebell exercise?

We have roughly 5 months to do this. I am very excited about the trek, I hope we can condition ourselves so as not to die while engaging in "real" physical activity. :p


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