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Earth Hour, F1, and American Idol

F1 Grand Prix of Australia - Qualifying

What do these three things have in common? TV.

I am not big on TV. I see it merely as a piece of furniture. Yet in these past weeks, I have been turning that black box (well, silver in my case) quite often.

I found out about Earth Hour on TV.

I discovered American Idol, and yes, I have been following it weekly.

I am now glued to the set as the first race of the F1 season is about to begin...there they go.

I am curious - what makes you glued to your TV set?

One last thing - it's not at all related to TV - I got tagged by a blogger buddy, Delaney. She really knows how to lift my spirits, even more than TV!This Friendship Tag, I am supposed to pass on. So I am tagging Vicki (we really should get together soon!), Avril (Koryu night this Friday?), and Livi (thanks for the pizza and spaghetti - keep it coming!).


  1. I am hooked to American Idol too.
    I never watch the tryouts, because I don't like seeing folks humiliating themselves...but once they get to the final 12, I usually watch.
    Who do you think will win this time?

  2. Hi Noemi, I rarely watch TV--too many interruptions (children + husband) make it a disappointing experience! BUT I have managed to get hooked on American Idol--this season. Most of the reason is Adam Lambert. I love his originality!

  3. I hate to admit it but I am addicted to TV and the computer and do both at the same time. Joys of being retired and having grown children. I know I waste a lot of time on both but I enjoy it though I am always wanting to do something else and usually don't get to it. That's what happens when you are a TV and internet junkie!

  4. @Retired: I dunno, I really like Gokey but I am thinking Adam Lambert will win.

    @Holly: I should have known your answer ;)

    @Delaney: reading your blog and your comments, I can't wait to be retired as well.

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