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Dumaluan Beach Resort in Bohol

I was planning on writing something more comprehensive about the trip we recently went on but time seems nowhere to be found. So here, just take a look at the pics and enjoy!

The sign welcoming us to Tagbilaran City - about 20 minutes from the beach. I couldn't wait to get out of there!
My first glimpse of the ocean. The water was so beautiful and the sand so powdery soft!
"Our" table. See Koryu with Jerry?
I got me a starfish...don't worry, I returned it to the water.
Done for the day.
See the size of that piece of tiger prawn?
Very nice pool in front of our cottage.
After dinner drinks with Marc from Belgium.

Next to get to Bohol and what to do there.


  1. Okay lady, rub it in why don't ya? Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and I am thoroughly jealous!! I want to take a trip so bad especially to the beach. Been over 2 years since I was at a beach. I'm ready to!!

  2. Looks heavenly! We just got back from Florida and its making me want to turn around and go back!
    We still have several FEET of snow here yet...I am waiting for spring!!!

  3. Ha ha, Delaney...again, you're welcome to come over and we can hit the beaches together!

    Retired...It is heavenly!


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