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Countdown to Vacation

March is not really vacation time, is it? I had the chance to book dirt cheap tickets to the beach for this weekend, though, so I didn't think twice - just got them. Now I am counting the days till I can leave the city behind and bask in the warmth of the sun...on the beach...with a nice cold glass of [whatever drink].

Going on a vacation is not that simple though. I gotta go to the mall and get stuff that we need. Quick checklist...meds...sunblock...slippers...UGG boots (lol, how'd that get in there? They have nice slippers, though.) toothbrushes...lotion...facial tissue...facial wash...more meds...

I wish I had taken Friday off so I could have more time to prepare!


  1. Wow! Where are you going to spend your vacation?

  2. I am just driving back from warm Florida, so I am on the "other end" of a vacation. Sad,of course!ha
    Have a great time (wherever you are going!)

  3. @Angel: Cebu-Bohol
    @Retired: You back yet? And thanks, I will.


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