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Apple Store in the Philippines!!!

Seems like today is the day of discovering online shops for me! Earlier this evening, I found out that Apple has a store in the Philippines. I mean, I know they have Apple Centers in some malls but I didn't know that we could actually buy the official stuff online. Pity I threw away my credit card this morning! Actually, that might have been a blessing. Otherwise, I might be in more debt by now. And since I seem to keep finding these stores, next thing you know, I might stumble upon a cheap lingerie store online. Or maybe another travel web site that will entice me to go back to the beach in the very near future? Online shopping...whew!


  1. Online shopping can be addicting. I love to use it at Christmas so I don't fight at the malls trying to park then find anything.

    You went to the beach again? Oh I think I'm terribly jealous, again!!

  2. Tell me about it, D. I never really liked shopping at the mall but these online stores are crazy! And yes, went to the beach for a in my next post. They're especially for your enjoyment :P


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