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What's Your Carbon Footprint?

Here's your chance to make a change and to help the environment in your own little way.

I remember taking a quiz about a year ago - courtesy of Earl - which told you just how wasteful your lifestyle was. I think my results weren't that bad but I know that I could still use some better conservation habits.

In this time of crisis - financial, environmental, and other sorts (maybe emotional?) - being part of something bigger than yourself can help make your life a bit easier to handle. Check out how much energy you use and take action to reduce your carbon footprint - click on the banner below!


  1. The question as your title is misleading. i didnt figure it out yet.

  2. I know mine is going to be bad. The amount of hairspray I use may have caused the hole in the ozone layer.

  3. Jojoeland - sorry if you felt misled. The banner below the post can help you find out!

    Meleah - maybe you can switch to the non-aerosol kind? I don't know if those work just as good though. LOL.


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