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MSI Wind Free Upgrade to 6-Cell Battery?

I love Koryu (my MSI Wind U100) and I really have no issues with her. In fact, when my friend Lenna asked for some info on what laptop to buy last week, I had no qualms about telling her to get the Wind. When I met up with her tonight, I was thrilled to see her new Wind - Koryu's white (literally) sister.

I guess we made a funny sight at Starbucks...two women taking out their tiny netbooks from their bags...identical except for the color. Anyhow, she told me that she bought it with the standard 3-cell battery. However, MSI has a promo right now and she was able to exchange the 3-cell battery for a new 6-cell battery.

Now why would I want that? Getting a 6-cell battery would almost double Koryu's weight. Then again, getting that battery would more than double the battery life! Right now, I can use Koryu for 1 hour and a half without having to plug her in. With the 6-cell battery, I can - supposedly - use her for 5 hours! That in itself is worth the extra pound, I think. I appreciate this even more since I kinda like the idea of working at a coffee shop every now and then.

On another note - did you know that Mocha Blends in Eastwood has free WiFi? It is located in Excelsior, right across the new Eastwood Mall. It is not frequented by people as it is far from the popular watering holes. It is thus a good place to just sit and relax - and write! Here's the downside: you have to pay PhP50 for every hour of charging your laptop!!! It was the first time that I ever heard of a place that charges a fee for plugging in your lappy. Kinda ironic since the WiFi is free...

Anyhow, I really want to see if I can get that free upgrade. I am not sure if it will apply to my case since I got Koryu 6 months ago. Maybe the promo is just for recent customers? I hope not! I can't wait till Monday so I can call MSI.

Anyone have info on this promo?

Photo courtesy of Masaru Kamikura


  1. I have not heard of that laptop company, is it a maker of the mini laptops? Are those really worth the money? Over here you know we have the attitude that "bigger is better" so our laptops are getting bigger. Some have 17" wide screens. Let's all take our desktops with us heehee.

    You had asked me a while back when I had computer troubles where we live - in the Wichita KS area. I am still having trouble with email, I can read mine but have trouble sending.

  2. MSI is based in Taiwan, Delaney. I think they are starting to penetrate the N. American market though. As for the bigger the better, I totally understand what you mean. That doesn't work for me though as I hate lugging heavy things around!

  3. To that person thasked if MSI was a "new" company... you're clearly not into computer stuff at all, are you? I mean, if you were into computers, you'd know it, and if you're not, practically no brand will be familiar to you, so why make such a dumbass comment asking if the company is new? Geez...


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