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Karma is SO Fast

Growing up, my mom always chided me when I made fun of other people. I had that mean streak in me but it was successfully erased by mom's guidance. Almost 3 decades later, I have come to realize that it was not totally erased.

I am not going into the details but let's just say that I broke my rule (If you don't have anything good to say, say nothing at all) the other day. Last night, karma came crashing down on me like anything.

In my last post, I was talking about people needing upgrades. I could have used some last night! Peripherals,flash memory, hard drive, turbo function - heck, maybe even a new processor! But since people can't be upgraded like computers can, I allowed myself the luxury of sleeping for 9 hours straight on a week night. Woohoo! I should be good to go for the last day of work this week.


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