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Patience is a virtue that I really have to develop. Even as a kid, I had never been one to sit back and wait patiently. Now that I am an adult, I think that I have learned to be more patient in certain things. But when it comes to gadgets and toys, I still find myself fidgeting a lot until I get what I want. As the girls at work say - I have no EQ when it comes to these things.

What am I fidgeting about now? Koryu. I want to find out whether or not I can get that free MSI Wind battery upgrade. Also, last night, I noticed some discoloration on the screen. It's very slight but it is bothering me so much. I need to get in touch with MSI but it's Saturday. I wish they had a 24/7 toll free number that I could call!

Anyhow, does anyone know anything about color calibration of an LCD monitor? I am hoping it's just that and nothing serious.


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