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Family Affair

I never realize just how much I miss my family until we all get together for one reason or another. Yesterday, Jerry and I went to Los Banos for my cousin Leslie's birthday. Although I really didn't relish having to make the trip down south and back to the city within one afternoon, I don't regret doing so. It's 6 am, I am dead tired, and in a bit of pain. I would love some painkillers right now (No, I don't have vicodin addiction) - my legs and back really hurt - but am quite happy.

It was the first time I met my "new" nephew, Jet. He really looks just like our little brother Silas!
It was also the last time I would be seeing our eldest cousin, Sherwin, for a while as he's going back to Canada. Times like these, I am grateful for family more than ever.Jer with our Kuya Sherwin
The girls - plus some of the boys
The kids showing off their swimming skills

Looking over these pictures again makes me want to hit the road and pay them a visit. Despite our differences and sometimes irritation with each other, there's nothing like being together with family. Or maybe, that's all part of it.


  1. Family can be the biggest joy or the biggest pain in the rear. If it is a joy most of the time you are ahead of the game. If you have family at all it is definitely a plus. I have only my hubby and kids, rest of my family is deceased. Enjoy what you have because they are precious.

  2. Sorry to hear that, Delaney. From what I have been reading in your blog, though, your kids and hubby gives you much joy. That's good, eh?


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