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The Day of Love

Not everyone celebrates Valentines Day. I personally think that it is such a commercialized event, much like every other holiday we have these days. Just take a look online (or even offline) and you will see hordes of things on sale for Valentines. Still, it is a nice opportunity to do something special for your loved one, isn't it?

Last night Jerry and I had our own thing - separate from each other. It was a good thing, actually as we both didn't stress out. I had fun with my friends, he had fun with his. I really liked the surprise that awaited me at home. I remember wondering out loud last night whether or not I would get anything for V-Day. This girl at the other table got a huge bouquet of flowers. Well, to my pleasant surprise, I arrived at home to my own bouquet. :)

Now I am off to prepare a special lunch (although it's 3 pm) of steak and baked taties...yum!


  1. I have never heard of the idea of separate Valentine's Day celebrations with a couple,that was different!
    Me? I prefer to have a quiet dinner at home with my hubby, followed by snuggling on the couch and watching TV by candlelight and wine. We usually have candles on every night in the winter.

  2. Wow you got a bouquet! How sweet. :-) When can I come over?

  3. I actually got a box of chocolates and a card. Hubby NEVER gets me cards and this one was perfect. We don't usually do anything special for Valentines so this was definitely a surprise for me.

  4. Retired - yeah, we're a weird couple. ;)

    Nikki - anytime!

    Delaney - wow, so it was a good one this year, huh?

  5. Pictures of the bouquet Numi!! ph and of the food too. I'm hungry.

  6. Vicki! How are you? No pic hehe. And sorry to have missed you yesterday - I didn't come in till 1-ish.


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