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Trip to the Doctor, New Baby, and the Baconator Challenge

It's not what you're thinking. Allegations that I am in the family way have been flying around like anything, but I am NOT - just checked the other day.

Anyhow, you know how Jethro (our PS3) conked out on us...we took him to the doc (Datablitz Megamall) yesterday for a check up. They're sending it to their tech guys and we won't be hearing anything till Tuesday. Naturally, that left us in a really dark mood. Oh, and right before we left the house, we discovered that Jerry's new phone was missing. We're unsure as to where it is but the consensus is that it somehow got lifted off the store again. Go figure. They say bad things come in threes - at least we're done:

One, the lamp exploded.
Two, Jethro conked out.
Three, phone is gone.

Going back to yesterday, we decided to lift our spirits by taking on the Baconator challenge at Wendy's. So what was it like?
It was big - as you can see - but I have to say that it is not extraordinary. It tasted just like any Wendy's burger, minus the veggies, which I missed sorely. The sheer size is enough to intimidate anyone with an average sized appetite, though. I thought that I ate a LOT but I lost the challenge - I had about 1/4 of the meat left but Jerry won.After that, we went around the Cyber Zone looking at phones and mp3 players. We spent a good 2 to 3 hours on this as I could not decide on what to buy. I almost walked away empty handed but I couldn't resist. Meet my new baby, Kvothe.
I actually tried out the iPhone and the iPod Touch at the Apple store but - I hate to say this - I had a h&*# of a time trying to use the virtual keypad on them. I still want the Touch, though, but practicality won out. It's way too much right now - I could buy a new PS3 for the same price! Maybe for my birthday...

So when I found this red Nokia E63 for a good price, I decided to go for it. I have been playing with it all night and I am having fun!

Can anyone guess where his I got his name? (Go Vicki!)


  1. I am almost ashamed to admit that I could probably eat the baconator with no problem though I too prefer the veggies on my hamburger, minus the tomato though. Can't do raw tomato, not crazy about the seedy ooze. I like your new phone but I am a sucker for red electronics. Hope it doesn't cost too much to fix your PS3. My son went through that with his XBox 360 so I know your pain. I think my son just wore his out.

  2. So excited to meet Kvothe and welcome him to the family, but you'll have to tell me how to say that name! So, proud mommy, join our theme and app-searching club? :D

  3. Is it sick that I'm drooling over the baconator more than the phone? I can't believe you got the phone! I talked to you Saturday night and you were still in denial. Tsk , tsk, tsk. I'm so happy you got it though, that way you can teach me how to do stuff...=)

  4. Oh no! I feel left out! I am NOT getting a new phone until June (if I even get a new phone). You guys suck.
    Numi, at least you put down the books for a day.

  5. Delaney -I THOUGHT I could eat all of it! And thanks for the support regarding the PS3...will know tomorrow.


    Livi-no it's not, you got the big brother naman!

    Vicki-books as in libro or books as in accounting? :p

  6. that burger looks AWESOME.

  7. It is, Meleah. ALthough I would really have liked veggies in it. Doesn't Wendy's over there have something like the Baconator?


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