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New Year's Res...Whaa?

I never really liked making New Year's resolutions. Perhaps it's because I do not really reach my goals...I lose interest somewhere along the way. It's interesting how I am actually trying to tweak my life (been doing so for the past 7 days) and this quiz at Blog Things kinda matches my line of thought...thanks to Vicki for the idea.

You Should Make 5 Resolutions

Save Money

Get Fit

Quit Smoking Now

Reduce Stress Overall

Spend More Time With Family and Friends


  1. hahahahaha! I like the "quit smoking now" comment. As if it were a real person telling you what to do!

  2. wow! dream!

    i have not been here awhile and this place is now awesome. do drop by my blog, too. take care! :-)

  3. new year's resolution for me here. hehe

  4. Vicki, I know...when I read it I heard my mom's voice, lol.

    Posh - glad to hear from you again! And glad that you like the new look. Will visit your place now.

  5. My resolution in 2006, was to STOP making resolutions. And, surprisingly, that is the ONLY resolution I have ever managed to keep!


  6. LOL, Meleah...same here...maybe this year would be different. I have no resolutions yet but I am trying to change some things.

  7. That's not mom's voice if that was mom she'll go..." Ano nag s-smoke ate mo?" Ever in denial about anything you do or don't do. Hmph. Favorite. Hehe.

  8. no problem dreamwalker! go ahead post something regarding my post on God and the british bus ads.

    thank you for your comment.

    take care my friend! :-)

  9. Han - favorite ka dyan. Denial queen lang talaga!

    Posh_post: thanks!


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