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Mercury's On My Case

Despite my posts on Mercury going on retrograde and all that stuff, I do not really worry myself about these things. However, it seems that the universe is trying to tell me something - or maybe, I am just putting too much meaning in things.

Anyhow, I couldn't sleep last night (insomnia is back I think) and just when I was finally drifting off sometime past 3 am, I heard a crash and lots of cursing from Jerry. Apparently, he was going to the loo and turned our globe light on (it's incandescent, see the post on lights here) and it just exploded! Remember, Mercury in retrograde is supposed to play around with everything electrical? With all the electric/electronic stuff we have, that is a scary thought! Even every day things like the light, the exit sign, heck maybe even the toaster are prone.

Needless to say, I am not repairing anything till this is all over.


  1. I've had really bad insomnia for the last week or so as well. Maybe YOU gave it to me!

  2. It's scary when stuff just goes "poof" like that, particularly in the middle of the night. Maybe the appliances are out to get you :-)

  3. Ha ha Meleah, sorry about that! Let's see if I can sleep tonight...

    Delaney, it sure is! Heck, now I am scared to fall asleep...our toys might come alive tonight.


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