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Mercury Rising Again

Well, I am not sure that "rising" is the appropriate word for the occurrence but apparently, it's time for Mercury to go on retrograde mode again. If you remember my post on blaming things on Mercury, it's basically the same. More info on Mercury Retrograde here.

Again, it might not mean anything but to be on the safe side, as my boss put it, why don't we all go home and not work while this is happening? Ha ha...I WISH!

From that same blog I linked to above, here are some things that we can do:
  • Review your life and the decisions you’ve made. (Ok, this could work but it will take me more than a week to go through everything!)
  • Readjust your priorities. (Doing this...)
  • Retreat to give yourself the space you need. (Hm...a weekend alone at a hotel somewhere sounds good.)
  • Recommit to the goals you believe are worth-while. (I really want to do this but to be honest I am a bit afraid...)
  • Reflect on who you are and where you’re going. (Maybe this is what has been keeping me awake for the past few nights.)
  • Recharge your batteries. (I wish it were as easy as plugging the Wii-motes into the base station!)
  • Repair any damage you may have caused to objects or relationships. (Whew! What damage?)
  • Renew your sense of purpose. (Really really need this right now. Where to start?)
  • Revise your attitudes and routines.(Getting there.)
  • Return to your core set of values. (Getting there as well.)
  • Reward yourself for success. (Lol, I have already rewarded myself before the effort to change and reevaluate began. :p)
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