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Me<--Either a Lazy Blogger or a Busy Bee

I would like to think that the latter fits me better. I thought that all the busy-ness would be left behind when 2009 entered but I was wrong. Work (day job) has been a bit quiet since yesterday, at least, but this is going to change come Monday.

My other job (writing) is another story altogether. That is sheer craziness. I find myself having to catch up every single day. I am loving it but it can be stressful.

On other fronts, I have been busy planning for the two trips we are having in the next 2 months. Early February, we're going to Baguio for a weekend to attend the wedding of two of our friends. I am quite excited about this because it's going to be at the Baguio Country Club and we are going to stay at The Manor in Camp John Hay. I have never stayed there before and I am sure it's going to be a lot of fun. Jerry has not been to Baguio and I am pretty sure that he will love it there - especially with the temperature being so low.

This wedding is another reason I have been busy. You might find it weird but I do not have a single article of clothing that is appropriate for a wedding. My friend knows this so she sent me a text message (a warning if you wish) early this month telling me that pants and slippers are not allowed. To translate: Go get yourself a dress, nice shoes, and some make up!

I never knew that preparing to attend a wedding would be this tough. Heck, I didn't exert this much effort for MY wedding!

The second trip will be in early March for my birthday. We were supposed to go to Camotes Island in Cebu but plans have fallen through. Instead, we will go to Bohol then back to Cebu to catch our flight home. Everything is in the planning stage so if anyone has suggestions and tips, do share.That's where we might be staying in Bohol - this is what's keeping me going...and going...and going. ;)

That's it for now...Oh, and Jerry's picking Jethro today - the techs say he's dead. :(


  1. What country are those places you listed? The beach looks gorgeous!
    Heck if you wear a belt with your robe and fishnet stockings with your slippers, maybe you can pass it off as a new outfit to wear to the wedding. You trendsetter, you!

  2. You had to put the picture up didn't you? Here I am in snow country when I want to be an island girl and you have that pic. Shame, shame Noemi you are making this old broad jealous!

  3. Those places are all in The Philippines. And lol about the robe and fishnet. I just might do that!

    Delaney - ha ha, come on over and let's hit the beach! I will be posting MY pics when I actually go on vacation and make you even more jealous :P You really should come!


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