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Going Bananas

I stumbled across the perfect gift for the big boss before he leaves in Feb. Aves, Vicki, Livi, and Ren - shall we get him one?

Now don't go gutter mind on me...these cases are for real. For those who carry around bananas in their bags - and they're good for those on a diet, by the way - they will keep the sensitive skin of the fruit fresh and unbruised. Only $5.99 each!


  1. YEAH RIGHT!! These are great though. It will be so much fun seeing the big boss try do what he does to all objects with these gizmos. Awwww, we won't see him do that for a while.

  2. Wow--never saw one of these banana carriers. Why do they have the grooves in the middle? OH, in case the banana is misshapen, right? photo there!

  3. I don't even want to say what I thought when I saw the first pic. If I got one of those, I would probably blush badly.

  4. Vicki -they're real. Check out the link.

    Holly, it was the first time I saw them too. And yeah, eye catching is a way to put it. ;)

    Delaney, lol, I think I should have immediately explained what those things are...

  5. hahaha...let's buy them for ourselves! The Big Boss prolly read this already!

  6. Yeah. Go for it! I think those are very cool!

  7. Ren - what color do you want?

    Meleah - aren't they just?

  8. hahahaha.I was thinking of something else :D

  9. Lol, Porsche, I really should have explained what these things are from the outset. Everyone thinks they are some other thing! Thanks for the call earlier. :)


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