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Thinking about Signs

The other day, we had another one of those conversations at work. This time, the topic was signs. Signs have been used by mankind since forever. Whatever your faith may be, signs seem to be an important part of any belief.

Livi was talking about how she asked for a sign about the man she was going to marry. Vicki said something about me asking for a sign. I would like to.

I have a problem with signs, though. What if you ask for the wrong sign? What if you don't like the outcome when - and if - the sign does show itself? What sign to ask for? Oh, and signs are subject to interpretation, right? What if I misinterpret a sign?

I have a thousand and one questions along those lines. So what now?

I am in desperate need of a sign.


  1. I think the thing about signs is that it is purely subjective. And so if you are going this way, I think you have to have a certain amount of faith. Faith that God (whoever or however you deem 'him' to be) will give you the right, recognizable sign when the time comes. Also, try not to make it too hard on yourself by thinking about a difficult sign. I read somewhere that a girl asked for someone to give her one blue rose and this was significant because, firstly blue roses were rare, secondly she hated them so they were memorable. Something like that.

  2. Definitely subjective, Vicki. I always thought I had a good deal of faith...maybe I overestimated? OR maybe I am jaded? ;)

  3. j-j-j-jaded! sing with me now...

  4. I am in desperate need for a sign now too... I beg God everyday for it. I still haven't gotten one... maybe this is God's way of telling me that perhaps it is not about signs... but what your gut instincts tell you about that particular issue/thing you are asking a 'sign' for.

    I don't even know if I am making any sense. *LOL*

    Came here via LinkReferral. Great blog! :)

  5. Ha ha ha, Vicki...singing away!

    FlawedAngel, you make a whole lot of sense to me! Thanks for dropping by. Hope to hear from you again.

  6. Glad that I made sense... and thanks for dropping my Temple of Irreverence! :D

    May I link you on it?

  7. I need a sign too to find out if the new man I am dating likes me as much as I like him. I am HOPING that he calls me tonight. If he does? I will take that as a Sign he does LIKE ME.

  8. Trust you to make it simple, Meleah! I hope you get your sign!

  9. I love your blog entries. So thought provoking! I get interesting signs. For example, when I was in a huge debate about having a 3rd child, I met a friend who had three children. She said her third was like an angel sent from heaven. It wasn't a cosmic sign--but it still helped me get really clear about what I wanted...Being in need of a sign is just needing more info to make your decision. You'll find the info you need.

  10. That was a good sign, Holly. And now you have your wonderful baby. :)
    You're right about the info...I guess info is some sort of a sign, yes?


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