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Pacquiao: Hail the New King of Boxing

That's what Larry Merchant called Manny Pacquiao during the post fight analysis. I suppose he is right. He is, after all, an expert in this realm. He also is credited with coming up with this fight - he suggested it to a sports writer about a year ago and was initially dismissed. Today, his "whim" became reality.

It's a pity that the fight was not that great, as many would have wanted it to be. In fact, as Merchant himself said, people came to see two great fighters battle it out. What happened, though, was that only one proved to be great. The Golden Boy's glitter seemed to dull after the first couple of rounds. By the 7th round, he didn't have any luster to him at all. He just gave up. And that is not what great fighters are made of.

I wish I had gone on a limb and placed my bet on Pacquiao at this online sportsbook that I was looking at yesterday. I would have been several thousands of dollars richer had I done that. ;)

On another note...I love the Internet, I really do. Right now, I can hear the neighbor's TV. The girl is just singing the national anthem of the US - that means the fight is just about to begin. Jer and I finished watching the fight online through SOPcast. We saw the Morales fight in the same manner. Ahhh, the wonders of technology!

Favorite quote from the commentators: [Manny] is methodically reconstructing [dela Hoya's] beautiful face.

And he truly did.


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