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The New Look Is Here!

I have been yakking on and on about revamping my blog and finally, I have found the time to do it! It is 1:45 in the morning and my eyes are closing on their own but I am quite happy with what I am seeing. I got the template from Blogcrowds after a long period of searching.

The header was made by Carlo, a designer friend of mine. He really did a superb job didn't he? (Yeah this is a plug, he accepts orders. Let me know if you need a designer and I'll hook you up with him.) It took him about 2 weeks - I think even less - to finalize the header. All I did was to tell him the general idea that I had - a bluish-black dragon at night, something fierce but dreamy at the same time. I was kinda scared that he would not get my idea and that he wouldn't be able to visualize it. My fears were unfounded - I loved his first draft from the very beginning!

In the meantime, the blog elements are still in the works so if you find anything that needs tweaking, please let me know. Hoping to hear from you!


  1. i'll try to compile a more comprehensive list, but just one comment for now: you may want to remove the "Dreamwalker" text in your header, since the Header image already takes care of that. :)

  2. Hey Han, I have been trying to remove it since last night but I have not found a solution. Will keep working on it. Thanks!

  3. I am completely clueless about blog design and tweaking, in fact I whine about it consistently on my blog. Looks great to me. Congratulations on the new design.

  4. Ok, like I said, completely clueless. I even mess up writing comments.

  5. Thanks, Melissan! Happy New Year to you.

  6. I LOVE THE NEW LOOK. Wow--very impressive. This is so inline with the feel of the title Dreamwalker's World. So nice!!! I'm about to change my theme as well. This really inspires me. I love the three columns too!!!

  7. Thanks, Holly!!! I am so glad you like it...I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  8. Huh? I wasn't the one that commented. That must have been Mark. As if I would know how to tweak with Headers and stuff like that...

  9. Ha ha Han...baka nga it was Mark.


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