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I Know You Won't

Who ever thought I'd be listening to country? Heard this song earlier today...

I Know You Won't
Carrie Underwood

I know you don't mean to be mean to me
'Cause when you want to you can make me feel like we belong

Lately you make me feel all I am is a back-up plan
I say I'm done and then you smile at me and I forget
Everything I said

I buy into those eyes
And into your lies

You say you'll call, but I know you
You say you're coming home, but I know you

I wish you were where you're supposed to be
Close to me
But here I am just staring at this candle burning out

And still no sound

Of footsteps on my stairs
Or your voice anywhere


  1. Carrie Underwood is the ONLY country I will listen too!

  2. Oh yeah? I just recently "discovered" her.


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