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Follow Up Post: Boys Will Be Boys?

After writing that post last night, I tried to go to bed and sleep. As it turned out, sleep had to wait for several more hours. Jerry and I had a talk - a talk that we needed to have for quite some time now. I don't think it was the best time to do it as he had had a good bit to drink but try ignoring an inebriated guy who just got "cheated" out of a fight. Ignoring him when he is drunk usually works for me but not last night.

Alcohol + diffused fight = a night of talking

Anyhow, what I want to write about is how men (READ: boys) place such a premium on reputation and "respect." I can't help but think about how that altercation last night resulted from two male egos clashing.

One guy messes around, being his sarcastic self. The other guy does not get it and starts running his mouth. Guy number 1 does not appreciate that so starts running his own mouth. Guy number 2 get pissier and pulls a bat out...and so the story goes.

How many fights were started this way? How many cuts, bruises, and black eyes could have been avoided if men's egos weren't so - for the lack of a better word - sensitive? They say boys will boys, men will always be boys, and so on...I say they all have some growing up to do.

P.S. My husband might wake up with a nasty black eye today. No, it is not from the encounter with the guy - they didn't get within 3 feet of each other. The lights were out, we were in bed, I pulled up my knee trying to fix the blanket and accidentally socked him in the eye...

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  1. hahahahahaha! yep,I agree with the growing up part.

  2. Men are nuts with their sensitive egos.

    I am laughing out loud because the YOU are the reason he will have a black eye.

  3. Vicki - thought so! Hehe

    Meleah - glad to have made you laugh. ;) Oh, and no blackeye, pity.

  4. You accidentally hit him with your knee, eh? I wonder what his side to that story is ;)

  5. Earl, only you would think about Jerry's side of the story...


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