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Day After Christmas Trip To Liliw, Laguna

If Metro Manila has Marikina then Laguna has Liliw. This small town in the middle of the mountains is known for quality shoes and leather products that are sold for really really cheap. We decided to hit the road on 26 December and see what we could get our hands on.

I am not much of a shoe person but I found myself buying more sandals that I had planned on. Jerry wanted Jesus sandals but could not find one that fit him. We also visited a really old church - this part of Laguna is known for them as well.
How cheap are the shoes there? For sandals, you can get them for PHP100 to PHP250. Flip flops can be bought for as low as 3 for PHP100. Closed shoes go for PHP280 above. I am sure there were more expensive ones there but I didn't really look as I have not worn closed shoes in years.

Oh, and we found an out of the way resto bar which served an interesting dish - crispy kangkong (I think it's water spinach in English). I was expecting the usual stir fried dish but got kangkong leaves fried tempura-style instead! The place is called Ralph Joy's Restobar. It's nothing special but if you want to try this dish, you just have to follow that mountain road to Liliw and about 15 minutes before you get there, you will see a nice looking restaurant with that name on the left side. It is right before the underground cemetery.
Another cool place we visited - an underground cemetery. Needless to say, I didn't go underground.Pineapples for sale by the roadside in Calauan, Laguna. They're famous for their really sweet pineapples. We got pineapples for PHP25 each!
This is what greeted us when we came back to UPLB at night.
So how do you get to Liliw? Just head south from Manila, towards Los Banos. Go past Los Banos and turn right in the big intersection - there's a sign that says San Pablo and Calauan. Go up the mountain to San Pablo and then go farther up the mountain once you pass the city proper. There is just one main road - don't leave that. You'll see lots of signs pointing towards Liliw - if you miss them, just ask anyone on the street they will point you in the right direction. The streets get narrower and narrower the farther south you go so be prepared for some tricky manuevering.


  1. Hi!
    nice building you have here. Is it a historical building?

  2. Hi LunaticG - yes, it is a church south of Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines. The people there said that the earliest records they have are from the 1800s but the building could be older than that. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. really nice looking old church. looks really well-preserved. it would have been great if you posted the name and exact location for people who may want to check it out for themselves. those pineapples look yummy!

  4. Hi're right, except that I was a bad tourist and didn't get the name of the church. You can't miss it though, if you follow the directions to the shoe store area.


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