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Christmas Eve with the Family

Christmas Eve has always been spent with my mother's family and this year was no different. I have to say, though, that this year was one of the most fun that we've had in the recent years. We were far from complete - my sister spent the night with her in-laws and our oldest cousin is still in Canada (coming home for the New Year) - but we still managed to stay up all night enjoying the company. Some pics of the family.
My mom (in pink) with her sister and nephews and niecesTres Marias My cousins with Jer - tasked with grilling
Our little cousins
My nephew - yeah I kinda forced him to pose

Looks like we're going back home on the 2nd of January - more pictures then!


  1. Beautiful Family Noemi! I wish my relatives were here. Love the Coke ;-) Merry Christmas to you and Gerry!


    PS When can we meet?

  2. Hi Posh!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family too. I think we're free tomorrow and Tuesday. Let me know.

  3. Tuesday maybe? Let me ask my husband first :-D

  4. No problem, Posh. Late afternoon or early evening would be best for us tomorrow.

  5. Will 3pm be fine? I left my number in your facebook inbox.Thanks.

  6. I'll check with Jerry but that should be fine. I don't have anything on my Facebook from you, though...I'll send you a message there.


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