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All in the Mind?

I have always believed in the idea that there is no such thing as boredom. Yet these past weeks, it seems that it is all that I could feel. I am busy, no doubt about that. In fact, I have found myself wishing for more hours in the day. But when all is said and done, I find myself bored.

My daily activities I still find enjoyable when I am doing them - most of the time anyway. But there are moments of sheer boredom that make me want to crawl into bed and sleep it away. Somebody save me! (That somebody is probably me...sad.)


  1. Hi Dream,

    I understand the emotion that appears to have you in its “clasp”. Snow and cold has settled in around me and I believe this does not help. Your entry came on one of those days for me, my cure, I bundled up and walked to the nearby playground brushed the snow from the swings and while sailing through the cool air; time melted away. Which does not happen often for this “old girl”, hope your day is wonderful.

  2. I WISH I had this problem! I am having the opposite problem--total and complete distraction at all times.

    There is lots going on...maybe that's why. Maybe with you, this is just a quiet time?

  3. I too have been bored out of my mind as of late. I have Things To Do, but I have no motivation To Do Them! And then I find myself...BORED.

    Oh Well.

    Maybe I will feel motivated when I am no longer sick?

  4. Thanks A.J. - your swing sounds wonderful.

    Holly - I hope you get some focus soon.

    Meleah - we're in the same boat, huh? I hope you feel better soon!


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