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World on Fire

I thought I was over these episodes a long time ago. Apparently they come back and when they do, they are more intense. Still, I am able to continue functioning and doing what is expected of me. I am trying to get out of this rut by listening to music as I work - it usually pushes the gloom away but Sarah McLachlan's voice singing these words is haunting me...

Hearts are worn in these dark ages
You're not alone in this story's pages
Night has fallen amongst the living and the dying
And I try to hold it in, yeah I try to hold it in

The world's on fire and
It's more than I can handle
I'll tap into the water
(I try to pull my ship)
I try to bring more
More than I can handle
(Bring it to the table)
Bring what I am able

Hearts break, hearts mend
Love still hurts
Visions clash, planes crash
Still there's talk of
Saving souls, still the cold
Is closing in on us


  1. hi there!

    this is pretty deep, dream...

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