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The Red House

I have never been one to conform just because I had to. Although I tend to follow rules (thanks to my parents who ingrained this strong sense of respect for authority), I still do a lot of things my own way. Take our new unit for example, the interior walls are red. Some might not think much of it but over here, not too many people have red walls for the insides of their homes. I have been posting a lot about our new apartment but I just want to share it again - it is slowly becoming like home to me.

Everything that needs to be done is almost done. We just need the screen door and the front wall for the store. The good thing is that they can both wait until we actually have funds for them. We just need a couple more fixtures here and there. I am thinking a bit ahead here - maybe some Christmas decorations like a christmas wreath hanger or a mantle hook.

Of course, I have been searching online for inspiration for these things and I found one in Wrought Iron Haven. They have so many products that range from boot racks to curtain rods. I love the idea of curtain rods especially since - believe it or not - we have not been using a curtain rod for the longest time. You may be wondering how we hung our curtains in the old apartment. It's squammy but we used a piece of string!

Anyway, this site is great for finding all sorts of wrought iron products that will certainly add character to any home. Here's a tip if you want to get a good deal - look for the Wrought Iron Haven Garden Gate backdoor. All you need to do is to scroll down to about halfway on the main page. Look for the line “Our Store now has over 1,300 home & garden items for you to choose from!” Click on the comma with the link and you'll find the information to get great discounts.


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