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Pabili ng Saging (Can I Buy a Banana?)

The store is proving to be quite interesting. Yesterday, we did very well and I actually had fun sitting out there. This morning, I overheard Jerry talking to a little kid.

Kid: Pabili po ng saging.

Jer: Sardines?

Kid: Yun pong mataba.

Jer: Saba? Yeah we have it.

I was not really paying attention as I was writing. A few minutes later I heard the kid's voice again and then Jer started yelling "Noe! Can you come out here, please?"

Me: Ano yun?

Kid: Hindi po ito. Meron po kayong saging? Yung mataba, saba.

Ahh...he was talking about bananas, the fat (taba in Tagalog) kind called saba. Unfortunately, all we have in stock are some canned sardines, the brand name of which is Saba...


  1. Hahahahaha! Keep these up Numi! I am calling them 'Jerry's Sari Sari Store Escapades." They are sooooooooooooooooo funny!

  2. Haha. paborito ko yung saba! Pero sa sardinas, Ligo or Master.
    Musta poker night?

  3. I think I'll use your title Vicki...he he.

    Nikki, I know! I remember you eating saging all the time. Ako rin, I like Ligo, the red or green one. Si Jer lang ang nag-poker. I read my book :P Saturday ulit - you coming over?

  4. Hahahaha! Nakakaloka ka! Para ka palang ung matanda sa commercial ng Lucky Me hahahaha!

    By the way, I am celebrating my blog 1 year anniversary and I would like to invite you to join my giveaway. Details here Sali ka ha :)

  5. Hi Earthling! Shempre hindi ko alam yung commercial - what's it about? And yup, I visited your blog and saw the contest. Will try to do the necessary things later tonight. Thanks!


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