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Oh You Mean It's Almost Christmas?

It's been so crazy these past month or so that I didn't really notice that Christmas is almost here. I had to go buy contact lenses earlier so I went to the mall next to the office and guess what I saw? Christmas trees, ribbons, bows - everything was Christmasy! Even the music playing over the speakers was about Christmas...I guess I better start looking for gifts.

I wonder what Jerry would like this year. He likes replica watches, electronic gadgets, video games, etc. There are just so many choices I do not know where to start. What are you getting your partner?


  1. I cant believe XMAS is soo soon either! I better start shopping soon.

  2. Thank God for online shopping, huh.

  3. Does Jerry complain about how Philippine mattresses are poorly made?
    If so, take him to the Uratex factory near SM North Edsa.There's so many mattresses to choose from.
    We got a new one and its really a christmas gift for the both of us.

  4. Hi Posh!

    Yup - that was one of our priorities way back when we first got married. When we moved to our current building, we went to get an 8-inch thick Uratex mattress. Still using it! Thanks for the tip, though. ;)


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