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Needing an Energy Boost

This week has been hell for me - I have been so busy that I didn't even notice that I haven't written here since Tuesday! Yesterday was one of those days - too much work, nothing went right, and I just felt so sleepy and tired all day. I was downing cups of coffee like it was water and I didn't feel the effects. Today does not look any better...

I think I need something to boost my energy - at least until the end of the year. There are a lot of products that I can use in the market but I am not quite sure which is the most effective and yet safe at the same time. I have been reading up on Fenphedra, an energy supplement which boosts fat burning as well. Apparently, it is much better than other supplements in its category in terms of effects and pricing. Anyone know anything about it?


  1. Ive been SOOO busy and crazed this week, its taken me FOREVER to get around to reading blogs.

    Sorry for the delay!

  2. Fenfen contains amphetamine. I tried it once and it sure gave me speed. But once the effect subsides, it will give you the agony and self pity from hell.
    I suggest you consult a doctor before taking any of these medications.Try an hour of Tai CHi lessons. It helps you harness energy.

  3. Hey Meleah - hope your weekend is helping you relax!

    Posh - thanks for the tip. I actually did tai chi way back when I was in college and I remember it to be relaxing. Pity I have no time for classes right now.Maybe I should just use my exercise bike at home, no? ;)

  4. ehehehe The bike is fine as long as you have the right attitude :D I live near Luneta Park, so I walk 5 rounds everyday. I used to be hypertensive. Now I'm maintaining normal blood pressure.

  5. Posh - attitude is the problem :P Lucky you - keep it up!


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