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MSI Wind U100 WLAN Problems

I have never had any problems with Koryu (my MSI Wind) until today. For some reason, the wireless connection kept dropping. At first, I thought that it was just my router - it does that sometimes. But after a couple of hours of having to repeatedly disable and enable the hardware, I checked out some forums and discovered - to my dismay - that some people have been having issues with their WLAN as well.

Fortunately for me, it seems that the problem is only with the driver and not the hardware itself. So I downloaded the updated driver from Softpedia, installed it, and configured it to connect to my Linksys wireless router. It has been working perfectly since then (a good 3 hours now). Crossing my fingers...


  1. hi!

    i am overhauling my blog. please respond here if u still want to be in my blogroll on or before nov. 22. thanks! :D

  2. Hey Posh! How's it going? Visiting your link now...

  3. hey dreamwalker,
    thanks alot for that solution, i just got it and couldnt get the lan to work till i got this new update.

    Momo - kuwait

  4. Hi Momo!

    Glad to have helped you. Happy holidays!


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