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Learning Fashion

I have learned a lot in the past 3 years that I have been working with my company. Surprisingly, many of the things that I have learned do not have anything to do (directly) with my line of work. Of course, in that respect, I have learned more than I thought I could ever learn. But there are other perks - like discovering the existence of brand names. Not that I would be able to afford some of the things that my coworkers talk about, but it is still refreshing to hear about these things from time to time. Before, names such as Oscar de la Renta wouldn't have evoked any reaction at all. Now, I at least have an idea. Next time that I find myself in a situation where people have conversations about such topics, I wouldn't be at a loss.


  1. I love all things fashion. too bad I cant afford much of it!

  2. I guess that's one reason I have not gotten much into it!

  3. Hello,

    I've been following your blog lately and I find it very interesting and refreshing.It happened the other night when I was looking for the name of the nice lady owner of Tutti Frutti.That how I found your blog.
    I used to blog and then stopped when I moved to Manila.You are a very intelligent person and I like the way you opened your life to inspire others.Thank you and keep blogging.

  4. Hi Posh,

    Thanks for dropping by. I think you're talking about Raphael's partner - it was him who we met when we went there in May. When we went back in August, though, the restaurant was closed!

  5. Ah yah! Raffy. Very nice guy with Fragezeichen on his mp3 player. You're right I'm talking about her. Her name is Micky. She very hospitable and charming, she's a symbol of the Filipina woman I can never be.I'm clumsy :-D She used to own Sunset if I'm not mistaken.I subscribed to your blog.Keep blogging.

  6. Posh - ahh she does a mean fire dance, did you know that? It was a pleasure watching her. Do you know what happened to them? We wanted to find Raphael in September but he was not there anymore :( My husband wanted to play with Tutti. Btw, Sunset is owned by Lexy, she's also very nice - if you go back there, I suggest hanging out at the outdoor bar. :)

  7. I really don't know what happened to them.What I heard before was that they take 6-month breaks to Germany.Tutti the Monkey. Yeah I like him too


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