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I Want One of These!

In my quest to find affordable but great gifts for Christmas, I have found a couple which I would like to receive myself! Take a look at this:

Colorful laptop bags! They even have designs that do not look like conventional laptop bags - perfect for a day outside. Now where do I send that letter to Santa again? (You can click on that and send me one if you feel like it. You know who you are! :P)


  1. hi dream!

    i have another voting thing...

    pls respond here and i will publish your choice and your blog:

    thanks! :-)

  2. Hi,

    What are u cooking for Thanksgiving?

  3. oooh. I need one for my mac/apple!

  4. Hey Posh Post - voted! :)

    Posh - Thanksgiving, *sigh* I was planning on whipping up a turkey dinner but didn't have the time. We're going out tonight and have a resto turkey dinner instead. Will post about it (if we make it!) How are you doing?

    Meleah - what color?

  5. Im fine thank you. Been so busy with charity. Hoping to meet you one of these days. I'm cooking a small turkey and invited our nieces over.Are you familiar with S&R? My husband felt at home when we came in.Its really Costco brought by the genie.

  6. Posh,

    How was Thanksgiving dinner? And yeah, I have heard of S&R but have not really gone there. Maybe before Christmas.


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