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Do I Really Feel the Way I Feel?

Sitting in the truck on our way home tonight, I sang along to Mark Cohen's Walking in Memphis. Though the song is all about his personal journey as a blues singer, it seems to evoke such deep emotions in a lot of people. Perhaps the melody has a lot to do with it - it really is very moving.

I have to say that the words do touch a raw nerve here and there. Here I am at home now, trying to get the motivation to work, and I can't help but here this line over and over again in my head:

Do I really feel the way I feel?

Feelings are dangerous. They can fool you into thinking and doing things that you wouldn't normally do. They can push you into the throes of despondency or the heights of insanity. Either way, you wouldn't be in a very good situation. I guess it is a good thing that I realize this but that does not mean that the emotions go away or that I can control them. But, like I always say, you might not be able to control your emotions BUT you can can control how you act or react.

Easier said than done.

I know that the picture above does not really relate to the post but I have this feeling that I should post it here. Thanks to Quizilla for the pic.


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