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The Ball of String

These past few days a story from my childhood has been haunting me. I do not remember all the details but it is about a young boy who was given a ball of string by a fairy (or a witch, I don't remember). That ball had the power to make time go faster. The instructions given to the young boy was that when he wanted to skip a certain part of his life, he merely had to pull off a section of the string and his life would fast forward to the future.

I want this ball of string. I wanted it badly yesterday. I still want it. I want to fast forward to December 24 when our Christmas break starts. I want to get this cycle done and over with. I want to finish all my writing assignments. I want to be able to pay off all - or at least majority - of my credit card bill. I want to get some sleep and not be tired anymore.

But then the other part of the story starts to come back to me. You see, that boy kept meeting hard times in his life. So he kept pulling that string. Before he knew it, he was an old man. Without realizing it, he had gotten through his life but he didn't have much recollection of his life. Every time he pulled that string, he got past the hard times but he didn't get the satisfaction of growing and learning from them.

This is what is keeping me going. I need to learn and grow from these times. Right now, I don't really want to. :-s

(I probably messed the story up but that is the best I can do with what I remember. Anyone know about this story?)


  1. great story, as they say "Bad times build character!"

  2. Maybe the movie Click with Adam Sandler was loosely based on that book. Instead of a ball of string, he was given a remote control.

  3. Judy, they sure do! Thanks for dropping by.

    Vicki, yeah I thought you would.

    Nikki, you just might be right.


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