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Almost Desperate

I have been quite active in Facebook lately. I don't know the exact reason but somehow, I find myself enjoying it again. Perhaps the countless pictures from the recent nights out that I have had have something to do with it. It does have its downside - like ugly pictures. Just a few minutes ago, I saw a notification that I was tagged in a photo by Avril. It was actually not half bad - except that I looked as if I were 9 months pregnant! I am sitting here staring at my exercise bike (aka clothes hanger)...maybe...nah, I would rather take diet pills. Are you surprised? ;)


  1. Try using the bike imagining you are running over the "Englishman". I think you would lose a whole lot of weight! hehehe.

  2. I added you in to my facebook yesterday.

  3. Hey Posh, I confirmed the friendship request in Facebook. :)


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