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When an Anti-social Person Goes Out...

...she normally finds herself anxious and/or bored. Last weekend was a bit different, though. Jer and I went to my company's anniversary party despite the fact that we were both dead tired from the day's activities. I was not really looking forward to it simply because I do not like parties. Jer, on the other hand, was hyped up because he knows how fun our parties can be.
So what happened? Well, I found myself relaxing (the roast beef did the trick I think) and having a good time. It was not wild but it was not boring either. We left a little after midnight and had some dessert at a nearby Starbucks.Heaven on Earth and Blueberry Cheesecake - yum!Ruy and Jerry...?


  1. WOOOHOOOO!!!! fun Numi, fun!! Let's do it more often. =)

  2. yup, it was fun alright. Almost as much fun as our Crispy Pata night in Quattro

  3. That was fun! More more more!

  4. ooo lato salad!

    I just might be tempted enough to get the vigan empanada if we go though...


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