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That's How the Best Pound-for-pound Fighter Fights?

I do not claim to know much about mixed martial arts (MMA) or the UFC. I didn't even really follow the fights until recently. As such, I was not able to watch Anderson Silva emerge as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC. Still, who am I to not believe what the experts say? Plus, I have seen him fight a couple of times I think and he was impressive. He just moves so beautifully while on the octagon - amazing.

Today, though, in his fight with Patrick Cote, he seemed more like a big goofy kid playing with someone years his junior. Silva just messed around - danced, pranced, and glided. Jerry was saying that he was probably feeling out Cote and just waiting for the right moment to strike. He may be right but we'll never find out. Cote popped his ACL (is this right? I don't really know what it is except that it's a muscle or cartilage in the knee area) early in the 3rd round as you all know.

Tell me though, is this really how the best fighter in the UFC fights?


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