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Sweating the Small Stuff

That's me. I do this a lot. I try not to. Except that oftentimes, I do not categorize things as "small stuff." Sometimes, I do realize that something is not really that important and I overlook it. For example, if Jerry hasn't done the dishes when I get home at night, I would try not to show my irritation. He can do them in the morning after all. Then again, if the same situation happens every night, it gets to me.

I know it's a totally different thing but right now, I am being affected by Google and the magic that is happening with its PR system. I do not understand what is happening. I know that they had an update late in September till early in October - believe me, I know, my PR went down a notch. But just now, as I was admiring the pics in one of my recent blog posts,I noticed that my Google Toolbar was saying that my PR IS ZERO!!!

I am trying hard to convince myself that this is small stuff. I am trying really hard. Once I convince myself of that, I can stop sweating about it. Gosh, I am pissed.

Tell me, did Google have another PR update? Or maybe their update was done in stages and they decided to slap me twice within a few weeks? I don't understand. I am very upset I can't even begin to explain it.


  1. Google seems to make everyone mad or nuts. I just focus on making my blog the way I want it and phooey on Google. But then, I don't monetize my blog. It might matter to me more if I did.

  2. Yeah, Google is driving so many people up the wall right now. It's a pity because I have always been a Google admirer. Oh well, I guess I have to ease up on my paid post activities. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned in all this.


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