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Our Marikina Experience

We went to Marikina City today to look for furniture for the new apartment. Before that, we went to get some paint - it cost more than I thought! Livi told us to go eat at Luyong's Restaurant, where they serve pancit (noodles) with lechon (roast pork). We got lost for a while but we finally found it. I have to say, it was pretty good for the prices that they charged.

After we ate, we went to look for Ana's, the furniture shop that Livi goes to. Yup, she is the strongest advocate of this city. Anyhow, it was so funny because we were crawling along the main street, looking for a sign that said Ana's when this woman in a bright blue shirt flagged us down. She turned out to be Ana!

Her store is 3 stories high - packed to the brim with all sorts of furniture. It was really cool because we had so many choices and she gave us really good prices. There are more that we want to get in the future but we were not sure if they would fit in the new apartment so we had to settle for a wardrobe and a kitchen stand. On our way out - with 2 tiny jade buddhas and a golden bull, Ana's free gifts - when we saw a tall narrow stand with a mirror. It would be perfect for the hallway so we just had to get it.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good trip. I am broke like anything and I have no more energy left but I am feeling pretty ok. Now we're off the the company party.


  1. I've been to Marikina last week, and i bought this great red shoe that i sooo love, they have a lot of great stuff in Marikina, don't they? we also found a few furniture pieces there for my uncle's place as well... anyway, just blog hopping! :)

  2. Hi Ane, yeah, Marikina is best known for the shoes. There are a lot of other things to discover there, though! Thanks for dropping by again.

  3. hi, i'm also doing our unit and have been checking out furniture stores. where is this place? do you have the exact address? i might check it out one of these days. thanks

  4. Hi Cherry, I have a flier from them - they have a lot of items on sale (50% off) right now. Let me just find it and I'll post an entry on the blog later on today. Thanks for dropping by!


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