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On An Appliance High

We paid a visit to an appliance sale (thanks again, Livi!) yesterday and boy, did I get high! They sold brands like Moulinex, Krups, Brun, Dowell, and more. It was a bit overwhelming, seeing all those appliances being sold at very low prices.

So what did I walk away with? Well, I was only really planning on getting a turbo broiler and I was so delighted to see one for only PhP1,100 (approx. 23 USD). I also wanted a coffee grinder and we found one for PhP1,300 (approx. 27 USD). As I was looking around, I noticed Jerry following me with a dirty and ugly box. There was a jewel inside, though - a Moulinex Duomo! This espresso machine normally sells for PhP5,000 (approx. 106 USD) but we got it for PhP1,800 (approx. 38 USD) - thanks to the box and a couple of scratches.

Here are pics of our new babies.

Oh yeah, we've named them already. The turbo is McQueen, the Duomo is LePieu, and the grinder is Grim. Since I got today off, we were able to play with them. I made barbecued pork chops for lunch- take a look at them:

This is our first cup(s) of espresso. I couldn't believe that the same coffee tasted so much better!


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