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My First Construction Experience

I am not the one actually doing the construction but I have been closely monitoring the carpenters and while the work is not spectacular - much to Jerry's dismay - I think it is pretty good. Maybe they could work a little bit faster but the house is shaping up well enough. And so is my bill from the hardware store. I am quite thankful that our sup, Boy, just told me that since they were supposed to shoulder some of the costs anyway, everything from here on would be paid by them. That means I am to just pay what I currently owe the hardware, the paint, and the carpenter. The wood and other supplies that might be needed today and in the ensuing days, the owners would take care of. I'm really lucky in this respect.

Some pics of day 1 of the construction.The store front.
Taken from the original living room. The wall on the left is one of the bedrooms.Jerry taking a look at the new bedrooms, which were moved to the location of the original living area.The view from the hallway - bedrooms to the right.


  1. Looking good! I can't wait to see the final product. Housewarming! =)

  2. Thanks, Vicki! You gonna bring some cupcakes? :p


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