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Moving Blues

It's time for us to move. The furniture just arrived and the guys are setting things up downstairs. Sally, our cleaning lady, is finishing up here and will start cleaning downstairs in a bit.

I still have to go to work but Jer will be taking things down all day (yeah, it's awfully nice of him to do most of it alone). I really hate moving. On one hand, I am a bit excited because things are gonna change (change usually excites me). On the other hand, I am not looking forward to physically moving stuff. I wish I had taken the day off.


  1. Ahh, moving can be a positive step and change is exciting. Trying to remember what box has what, and where to put things....

    And it's an opportunity to decide what's worth keeping and what should be tossed!

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Judy! Yeah, I am trying to look at the positive points. It was kinda hard today, though!

    Angel, here lang, same building. We just decided to move downstairs because we can start a sari-sari store in front.


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