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Loving Our Lights

My friends at work have been asking for pictures of the new house but after the move, I couldn't find the cable for the camera so I was not able to immediately upload the pics. I found it a few minutes ago so here are some pics. I decided to post photos of our lights first because I like them the most.The bedroom lightThe hallway lightKitchen lightLiving room lightYellow light above the TV


  1. nice lights! when can I come over?

  2. I love the living room lights!

  3. Wow, beautiful choices! You're giving me the idea that I should spruce up my own lighting situation lol! :)

  4. Hey Nikki, come over anytime!
    Vicki, my favorite is the kitchen light.
    Angie, thanks for visiting - hope you share your own spruced up lighting!


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