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Feng Shui Dilemma

I do not practice feng shui. Though I am not saying that others should not, I cannot make myself believe in it.

I am really in a bind, though. The sup woke me up at midday to tell me that the owner of the building (she's in Japan) called and found out that we were painting the house red and black. Apparently, in feng shui, black is bad luck. She was - is - adamant that black should not be used for our cabinets and doors. She even went as far as to say that if we really want black then the deal is off and they will return the money we have spent.

I have been stressing out all day on how to break the news to Jerry because I know he will be upset. And he is. Very very upset.

So what do we do now? On the one hand, I want black. I can insist. On the other hand, I know that sometimes, we have to compromise to maintain relationships. And we have a relationship with our landlords. No matter what we say, they own the building.

I am willing to compromise. It is not easy, however. We have to figure out what color scheme to use now. Jerry has to come around and feel good about the whole thing.

A good thing that has come out of this is that the owners are now paying for everything - manpower and materials. I am not supposed to pay for anything anymore.

Who knew that feng shui was going to play a part of my life - even though I don't believe in it?


  1. You don't have to believe in Feng Shui, it just is. One way to look at it, is try not to put a label on it. Think about organizing your space in a way that feels comfortable and allows you to be more productive and enjoy the present moment.

    Colors are one aspect of Feng Shui and in your case, appears to be a conflict. Think about other color options outside of the red and black. Maybe you could paint a different color but have accessories in the red and black color. Or even a rug, lamp shades, etc. Although many people associate black with darkness and dark energy, it can be compared to knowledge where at the bottom of the ocean it is the darkest but only at great depths.

  2. The blog looks interesting to read. Feng Shui and family harmony starts with how these rooms are decorated and making excellent use of color and the elements to harmonize these spaces for the best effect and positive flow of chi.

    The rooms that you use for entertaining should be bright colored to bring in some energy and vitality while other rooms like your bedroom should be softer and more comforting. In fact a good Feng Shui bedroom tip is to paint your bedroom green. Green is perfect for this room because it will bring balance to the room and it is also a healing and a calming color.


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