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It Says I Am Depressed

Took a quiz over at BlogThings and this is the result. You Are Depressed No doubt about it, you're feeling very down. Maybe you've had a bad day, or maybe you need help. Either way, make sure to take good care of yourself right now. What Mood Are You In? It really blows because I really am feeling very drained. In some respects, I have great things going on but in others, I feel like I am drowning. I really have to gain control of these raging emotions of mine. The worst thing is that not even coffee seems to be helping right now.


It's never safe to be nostalgic about something until you're absolutely certain there's no chance of its coming back. ~Bill Vaughn I was watching TV the other day when I saw this ad for Brotherhood. Michael, one of the lead characters was talking about nostalgia and what it was. His short monologue struck something deep within me - pity I cannot remember exactly what he said. All that remains with me is the emotional effect. I have been feeling off for the past few days but I have been fighting it. Off both physically and emotionally, perhaps due to a variety of reasons. Some of them I can pinpoint, some I can't. When I feel like this though, my emotions tend to overwhelm me and the effects spill outward. I find myself yearning for something. For the good old days, maybe? For that thing that I have always been looking for? For things that I have lost? I don't know. Maybe I just need to drink more coffee.

Telling Myself It's for My Future

I don't remember if I posted anything about this before but I took out an insurance policy that doubles as a retirement plan. I had been looking at life insurance quotes since the start of this year and when I finally found the opportunity to actually get a plan, I didn't hesitate anymore. I pay quarterly so it's not that much of a burden - it shouldn't be if I set aside money every month. I really should do that because every quarter, I tend to have other expenses and forget about the premium. I am telling myself it is for my future AND just in case something happens to me.

Hard Headed

It's frustrating how Jerry can be so hard headed. He dragged all of us to the ER all night 2 weekends ago. He's been on medication for the past weeks. He was fine all that time - he slept well, didn't cough too much. The day he finished his prescription, he started coughing all night again. He said he still felt bad. So I called Borough for an appointment with a pulmonologist. Now he doesn't want to go. " I don't need it. I don't want to go. " Am I missing something here or is dealing with this like hitting my head against a brick wall?

Loving Our Lights

My friends at work have been asking for pictures of the new house but after the move, I couldn't find the cable for the camera so I was not able to immediately upload the pics. I found it a few minutes ago so here are some pics. I decided to post photos of our lights first because I like them the most. The bedroom light The hallway light Kitchen light Living room light Yellow light above the TV

Write Your Way to Happy Holidays

Here's another great gift idea - personalized pens. I know it may not be as unique as personalized flash drives but the idea of personalized pens has been around for some time, and it works very well for gifts. It even works better if you have the need for a large volume of gifts, for example if you have a team of people working for you and you want to give them something for Christmas. You don't need to go around looking for different gifts for each one - you just need to get a bunch of these pens and have them personalized. By the way, these pens are high quality pens like Cross, so you know you are giving some worthwhile.

That's How the Best Pound-for-pound Fighter Fights?

I do not claim to know much about mixed martial arts (MMA) or the UFC. I didn't even really follow the fights until recently. As such, I was not able to watch Anderson Silva emerge as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC. Still, who am I to not believe what the experts say? Plus, I have seen him fight a couple of times I think and he was impressive. He just moves so beautifully while on the octagon - amazing. Today, though, in his fight with Patrick Cote, he seemed more like a big goofy kid playing with someone years his junior. Silva just messed around - danced, pranced, and glided. Jerry was saying that he was probably feeling out Cote and just waiting for the right moment to strike. He may be right but we'll never find out. Cote popped his ACL (is this right? I don't really know what it is except that it's a muscle or cartilage in the knee area) early in the 3rd round as you all know. Tell me though, is this really how the best fighter in the UFC f

Asian-Inspired Chicken Breast in Wine Sauce

As you may know, I love to cook and I am always on the lookout for something new. Yesterday, I found a recipe for chicken on the Net and I thought I'd try it out today. I wanted to share the site here but for some reason, I cannot find the link anymore. :( I printed out the recipe but I didn't have some of the ingredients so I tweaked it a bit. Ingredients: 4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger 1 small red onion, chopped finely 4 cloves of garlic, chopped finely 2 tablespoons white sugar 1/3 cup white wine 1 chicken bouillon 1/2 cup water 2 teaspoons cornstarch olive oil salt and pepper soy sauce Method: 1. Season both sides of the chicken breasts with salt and pepper. 2. Heat pan with some olive oil - about two turns of the bottle around the pan. 3. Sear the chicken breasts on high heat - this took about 3 minutes per side. 4. Remove the chicken breasts and set aside. 5. Stir fry the onion, garlic, and ginger for about 1 minute. 6. Add

And There Was Light

Aside from the interior paint, perhaps the thing that excited me most about the new apartment is the lighting. I never really paid attention to lighting fixtures before. As long as there was enough light, I was fine. This time, though, I decided to get unique fixtures for the new unit. We were able to get several different kinds for the inside of the house - a couple of yellow light lamps and several white light fixtures. Everything is set on the inside but I think we need to pay attention to the outdoor lighting . This should be easier as we only have one wall facing the street - the store facade. Any ideas?

I Am the Moon

This quiz seems to be popular with my friends at work. I first saw it in Vicki's blog and then saw Avril's and Livi's. It's interesting how we all have different cards. I wonder what the others at the office have? Apparently, I am The Moon. Isn't it quite appropriate? Dreams...visions...sleep...Dreamwalker... You are The Moon Hope, expectation, Bright promises. The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window. The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental

Are We A Super Happy Couple?

I was doing my daily browsing earlier when I ran across an article in Yahoo titled " 5 Things Super-Happy Couples Do Every Day ." Of course, I was not able to resist it. I guess I wanted to know if Jer and I are a super happy couple or if we turned out not to be, I wanted to know how to be a super happy couple . Ok, the super happy couple term is a bit irritating but you get the idea. So what are these 5 things? 1. They talk. Oh we talk. We talk a lot. The problem is I don't know if we actually listen to what the other one is saying! Seriously, though, I think we talk but maybe we need to learn to be more open to what the other one is saying. 2. They flirt. This means flirting with each other and not other people, ok. Yeah, I'll go out on a limb and expose myself - yeah we do this often enough. 3. They get stupid together. If there is one thing on this list that we would get a perfect score, it would be this item! Bonding over Will Ferrell movi

On the Edge of My Seat

I never thought that I could be under so much stress as I have been in the past few weeks. I know I thrive under pressure but this might be getting to be too stressful for me. My body clock is all messed up and I think I might need more acne pills in order to deal with the effects of stress. Then again, a nice trip away from the city - to the beach - would be very much welcome. We were supposed to go to Iloilo in November but I don't think we can make it. We have the store to start, I have stuff at work, etc. etc. ... I am rambling again.

Dexter Season 3 Is On!

Jer just told me the news today - Dexter is on Season 3 and the first few episodes are already showing! That means that we have something watch again. We just finished the first season of Chuck and are waiting for the first few episodes of season 2 so combining these two series would give us enough shows to watch on the weekend. These two series are quite different but are both very engaging. Which one is better? I can't answer this question - I like them both for different reasons. Do you prefer one over the other?

Quivering Arms

Sometimes I overestimate my abilities. Like today, I thought that I would be able to walk to the Japan Home Center and back to the office without any problems. I was on a mission - I needed a clothes rack and a hamper for the house. I accomplished my mission without a hitch and without spending too much (it's a really good place to go shopping for home stuff!). The problem was lugging the stuff back to the office. I made it back alive - barely. I am quite happy with my purchases but I think that I am happier that I made it back in one big sweaty piece. More and more, I am finding motivation to get back on my bike and eat less! -Oh yeah, my arms are quivering because of the heavy load I had to carry;)

Personalized Flash Drive - Gift Idea

I just realized yesterday that Christmas is almost here and I have not had the chance to do any shopping. I have not even started on my list yet. Here is a great idea that I think will be perfect for those who are into tech stuff - personalized flash drives. These days, having a flash drive is essential for almost every person. Indeed, I think that everyone I work with has his own flash drive. What better gift to give to these people than a flash drive that would have their personal mark on it? I wouldn't mind receiving one of these myself!

Thinking of Business Options

We're not fully settled in yet - the store area is full of our stuff and I don't think we're going to get things done asap. Since we stayed up all night at the ER (see my post in Jer's blog about this), I had a lot of time to think and I was thinking of other options we could consider for the store. It's not that I don't want to open the store anymore but perhaps there are other things we could do to make money. Perhaps an Internet shop or even something like a dollar store franchise (piso store in our case?:p). I don't have anything set yet but thinking about possibilities is always a good thing, isn't it?

Settling In

As I write this post, I am sitting here in our new living room cum dining area. This week has been a long and lonely road. I am not surprised that I simply broke down a couple of hours ago when my sister's maid broke the receptacle of LePieu (our new espresso machine). It was not the sole reason, it's the combination of everything that has been going on. Now everyone has left, we have most of our things down here. It's actually quite cosy although nothing is in its right place yet. We have less living space than we thought we would have - the store ate up most of the extra space we gained. Now that it's quiet and I have looked around a bit more, I think that we can work this out. Mind you, we still have a long way to go - the weekend is NOT going to be fun - but at least I am in a better frame of mind. These are the times when I see how much I appreciate my family.

Blame It On Mercury

We were eating dinner in the pantry earlier when Livi mentioned something about Mercury in retrograde and how it is affecting electronics and other things. It was the first time I heard about such a connection but here is what I read from another blog about Mercury Retrograde: While people speak of Mercury Retrograde, periods that screw up computers and television sets, today's astrologers believe the mishaps happen in more personal realms (Uranus is the planet that rules television and computers). Mercury rules communication, but more informal communications, like writing, speaking , short shopping sprees and other erranding endeavors. So, while Mercury is Retrograde, don't give that party, be extra aware of what you say and what you interpret when chatting with or writing to friends , cut back on errands, expect that the check will be in the mail longer than usual. Since the car is usually used for shopping and errands, don't be surprised if the battery wire loosen

I Was Not Even Tempted

I am proud of myself! I am usually tightfisted when it comes to money but when I see gadgets and I like them, I find myself getting obsessed until I get myself one. Earlier today, the talk at the office was about the new netbook that Lenovo has released recently. I have to say that I was not even tempted! I looked, that is true, but just out of curiosity. I guess that I am content with Koryu. I am not even tempted to look around for another netbook - maybe not in the next year or two. Perhaps I will make some improvements such as add system memory but that's about it.

Moving Blues

It's time for us to move. The furniture just arrived and the guys are setting things up downstairs. Sally, our cleaning lady, is finishing up here and will start cleaning downstairs in a bit. I still have to go to work but Jer will be taking things down all day (yeah, it's awfully nice of him to do most of it alone). I really hate moving. On one hand, I am a bit excited because things are gonna change (change usually excites me). On the other hand, I am not looking forward to physically moving stuff. I wish I had taken the day off.

My First Roast Dinner Attempt

Roast beef is one of my favorite dishes - who doesn't like it anyway? Prior to last Sunday, I had never been able to make it, though. When we got McQueen, I decided that I would finally try to make roast beef. I got some beef from the market the other weekend (sirloin cut) and looked up some recipes online. I also decided to make mashed potatoes and gravy. Since this was a first for me, I was a bit apprehensive. Jerry's expectations didn't help a bit...ever since he got here, he would normally compare the (local) food and what he ate in the States. Not that I find it offensive, but when I am the one making the food, it places an additional burden on me. Anyway, I basically rubbed the beef with salt and pepper. I also made several cuts and inserted garlic cloves. I let that sit for a couple of hours and then put McQueen in high gear - 250 degrees C. After 30 minutes, I turned the roast over. Another 30 minutes and I lowered the heat to about 180 degrees. I then go

Walang Gana

I have been trying to translate this phrase all night and the whole morning. Walang gana... After all the crap we went through with the construction, I just don't care anymore. We can probably choose not to move, we don't have a contract yet after all. But that would probably mean not getting any of my money back. I am so "walang gana " that I am seriously considering that. I didn't check on the electrical work last night when I got home. I didn't take a look this morning when I got up. Jerry tells me there is a piece missing in the chandelier but I don't care. Our intercom rang - only the Sup calls on that - and I didn't even bother to answer. Nakaka-walang gana talaga.

Is It Worth It?

I am starting to think about this...the new apartment and everything else involved in its renovation is starting to get to me. I don't give up easily but I am starting to think that it is way too stressful. I think that if you could ever give a month in a year a trophy (you know, like the football trophies that players receive), October 2008 would be it for me. Seriously, is it really worth the cost and effort? I am so frustrated that I just want to say to hell with it, I'm staying where I am!

He Told Me So

There aren't too many phrases that give people as much pleasure as "I told you so" does. I think that no one wants hearing this phrase, though. I have to admit, however, that I deserve it this time. I hate to say it, but Jer was right. He wanted things done at the new unit in a certain way and I didn't really pay much attention. Now we're paying (literally) for that. Apparently, the carpenters didn't take the electrical wiring into consideration. Now, the electricians have to make do with what is there - unless we tear everything down and spend more. I feel really bad about the whole situation. Everyone is upset and emotions running high do not really help. One thing that I am glad about is that the husband of the owner's sister has finally stepped in and will supervise the wiring job. He is a licensed electrician and we talked about how we want things done. He seems competent enough and promised to make sure that things are done the proper way

Meet Chuck

No, not Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell (though I would still love to meet this guy - we missed his MOA appearance). I'm talking about Chuck Bartowski , Buy More support guy a.k.a. CIA agent. Well, he is not an agent, technically, but he does work for the CIA. We have been seeing the commercials for Chuck for the past few months but we didn't get to watch the TV series till this week. The first episode had me hooked. I don't know, but there is something about espionage and the CIA that has always gotten me interested. Maybe it has something to do with reading Robert Ludlum's books when I was a young girl. I have my Dad to thank for that. It's an open secret - my wildest dream is to somehow work for the CIA. I know that is virtually impossible as, for one, I am not American. Anyway, watching Chuck is our hobby of the month. If you have not had the chance to watch it, you really should. There is action, of course, but there is more to it than that. I

Construction Almost Done

I just got home and I dropped by the new unit before I went up. The work is almost done. The paint is finished - they just need to touch up a spot in the kitchen. Even the bathroom is done. All that remains are the following: Screens for the windows Grills for the bedroom windows Rewiring for the lights. We also need to buy some light fixtures tomorrow. I am really really broke but I need to get this over and done with...time for that piece of plastic (which I really have to STOP using) once again.

New Niche Blog: Special Child

My sister, Hannah, started a blog about a year or so ago. She called it Special Child . Her son, Sam, was born with a genetic disorder called Prader-Wili Syndrome . The diagnosis changed our lives and every day that we spend with Sam is something we treasure greatly. That is why we decided to give new life to this old blog. In Special Child , we want to share Sam's life and our experiences with others. We want to get the word out about special children and various disorders that exist. More so, we want families to realize that: Some mothers get something more. It’s always more never less and it makes our children all the more special. I'd like to invite you to pay Special Child a visit every now and then. See you there!

Of Aching Feet

Whenever Jer and I spend some time walking, we both end up having to rest a lot at the end of the day. This is because of our feet and legs. I don't know - it just might be because we're not fit. After all, we rarely walk around (except in our small house). Normally, a good foot rub does the trick. This weekend, though, nothing seemed to relieve the pain. What if it's something serious like Plantar Fasciitis ? I heard about this from Livi - apparently Ruy has it. I should ask them more about the condition. *Yeah, I know, my hypochondriac tendencies are coming out.*

Sweating the Small Stuff

That's me. I do this a lot. I try not to. Except that oftentimes, I do not categorize things as "small stuff." Sometimes, I do realize that something is not really that important and I overlook it. For example, if Jerry hasn't done the dishes when I get home at night, I would try not to show my irritation. He can do them in the morning after all. Then again, if the same situation happens every night, it gets to me. I know it's a totally different thing but right now, I am being affected by Google and the magic that is happening with its PR system. I do not understand what is happening. I know that they had an update late in September till early in October - believe me, I know, my PR went down a notch. But just now, as I was admiring the pics in one of my recent blog posts,I noticed that my Google Toolbar was saying that my PR IS ZERO!!! I am trying hard to convince myself that this is small stuff. I am trying really hard. Once I convince myself of

When an Anti-social Person Goes Out...

...she normally finds herself anxious and/or bored. Last weekend was a bit different, though. Jer and I went to my company's anniversary party despite the fact that we were both dead tired from the day's activities. I was not really looking forward to it simply because I do not like parties. Jer, on the other hand, was hyped up because he knows how fun our parties can be. So what happened? Well, I found myself relaxing (the roast beef did the trick I think) and having a good time. It was not wild but it was not boring either. We left a little after midnight and had some dessert at a nearby Starbucks. Heaven on Earth and Blueberry Cheesecake - yum! Ruy and Jerry...?


After a long period of down time at work, things have started to pick up. I was just teasing one of my colleagues the other because he said he was so bored at work. I told him to relax for once because you never know when things would get hectic again. True enough, it happened today. I am soooo tired and I didn't even finish everything that I had planned on doing. I wish there were more hours in a day...

Sam's Standing Up!

Paul Beleen, one of Sam's therapists, lent him some equipment which could help him. Though Paul's fees are way higher than Sam's regular therapists, his sessions are very much worth it. This weekend, Sam paid a short visit and I could see how much he has improved. Take a look for yourself. Sam standing up with Uncle Jer's help. I'm having fun! Playing horsey.

My First Cappuccino

I love cappuccino and cafe latte but I have never really tried making these coffee drinks on my own - until last weekend. I had some fresh milk from UPLB (they sell the best, seriously) and I thought of playing with LePieu to see what I could come up with. I looked at a few recipes online just to be sure. First I had to make espresso the way I normally do - 2 shots. Then I had to froth the milk using the steam wand. The instructions varied and I was quite unsure as to how long I had to steam the milk but I think the result was pretty good. The taste was very rich and creamy but the coffee flavor was still strong. As you can see, I didn't get much foam, though. I guess I have to do it longer next time.

The "Craft" of Gambling

I grew up in a family where gambling is a big no no. I was not even allowed to play with cards most of the time. Now that I am older, I see the value in what my parents were saying. However, I also have come to realize that it is not all that bad. I have since then learned how to play various games such as poker (I love Texas Hold 'Em) and blackjack. Today, these games have found another venue - the Internet. There are so many options available to those who are interested in card games and one of them is the Online Casino . To tell you the truth, I have not had the experience of playing in a real casino (I have set foot in one, though!) but I see the convenience and ease in online casinos. There are so many online casinos, though, and if you do not have ample and accurate information, you might miss out on the really good ones. Gamble Craft is one web site that provides this kind of information. You can read reviews of various online casinos and base your decision on thos

The Red House

The house has been painted with 2 coats of paint and I must say, it is looking pretty good. I dropped by yesterday before going to to work and took a couple of pictures. It is not done yet and I could see some things that they need to work on but it is taking shape pretty well. The cabinets in white look pretty good, don't they? They were supposed to be black but I think that the white provides a good contrast as the red has made the room really dark.

Ana's Furniture Store @ Marikina

For those who might want to pay Ana's furniture store a visit, here is a flier that she is giving out. It's really easy to find if you know what you are looking for. You might not see a sign that says Ana but it is the big orange building on the left, if you are heading towards the Marikina Bridge. Happy shopping!

Going to Newark?

If you are planning on going to New York anytime in the future, make sure that you make plans regarding your transport from the airport as well. Of course, you can always opt to take a cab - many people actually take this option - but then again, why should you do that when you have a better choice? I am talking about Go Airlink Shuttle, which provides Newark Airport Shuttle services. They pride themselves on being the best and safest airport shuttle to and from New York City and the New Jersey Area. Go Airlink Shuttle provides two-way transport services to and from the three well known airports - JFK, La Guardia, and Newark. They can take you to your hotel or a residence or any other location as long as it is between Battery Park and 125th Street. Aside from the fact that they pick you up at the airport (or from your home or hotel), they are also known for the quality of their vehicles, which have separate compartments for luggage, superior upholstered seats, and strong air co

Feng Shui Dilemma

I do not practice feng shui. Though I am not saying that others should not, I cannot make myself believe in it. I am really in a bind, though. The sup woke me up at midday to tell me that the owner of the building (she's in Japan) called and found out that we were painting the house red and black. Apparently, in feng shui, black is bad luck. She was - is - adamant that black should not be used for our cabinets and doors. She even went as far as to say that if we really want black then the deal is off and they will return the money we have spent. I have been stressing out all day on how to break the news to Jerry because I know he will be upset. And he is. Very very upset. So what do we do now? On the one hand, I want black. I can insist. On the other hand, I know that sometimes, we have to compromise to maintain relationships. And we have a relationship with our landlords. No matter what we say, they own the building. I am willing to compromise. It is not easy, how

Feeling Like a Steam Wand

I just made my first cup of cappuccino - hence the metaphor. Anyway, after a good night's (or morning's, actually) rest, the implications of my activities yesterday are starting to overwhelm me again. Worries about our finances are starting to flood my mind. The fact that we have to move in 2 weeks is not a very comfortable thought. I never imagined that this little space could hold so much stuff! I wish we had affordable services like movers New York so that we would not have to deal with the packing and moving ourselves. Even if we just have to go one floor down, it is not a very easy task...*sigh* Going back to the metaphor, I need the steam valve to be released. I need an infusion of positivity today, before I go back to work tomorrow!

Our Marikina Experience

We went to Marikina City today to look for furniture for the new apartment. Before that, we went to get some paint - it cost more than I thought! Livi told us to go eat at Luyong's Restaurant, where they serve pancit (noodles) with lechon (roast pork). We got lost for a while but we finally found it. I have to say, it was pretty good for the prices that they charged. After we ate, we went to look for Ana's, the furniture shop that Livi goes to. Yup, she is the strongest advocate of this city. Anyhow, it was so funny because we were crawling along the main street, looking for a sign that said Ana's when this woman in a bright blue shirt flagged us down. She turned out to be Ana! Her store is 3 stories high - packed to the brim with all sorts of furniture. It was really cool because we had so many choices and she gave us really good prices. There are more that we want to get in the future but we were not sure if they would fit in the new apartment so we had to set

Another Busy Weekend

I really am such a lazy person when it comes to going out of the house. Just thinking about what I have to do tomorrow is already making me anxious. First we have to go to the hardware store to get paint. Then we have to pick up my sister somewhere so we can go to the furniture store in Marikina to get some cabinets for the new apartment. We then need to go to the grocery store (it's that time of the month). Hopefully, I will have enough energy to go to the company party at night. Thank goodness we have Harvey (that's the pickup truck we just bought a month ago for my parents) to use all day. Also, buying things for the house should be enough motivation for me to go out... Photo courtesy of Ohm17 - my couch is not pink!

My First Construction Experience

I am not the one actually doing the construction but I have been closely monitoring the carpenters and while the work is not spectacular - much to Jerry's dismay - I think it is pretty good. Maybe they could work a little bit faster but the house is shaping up well enough. And so is my bill from the hardware store. I am quite thankful that our sup, Boy, just told me that since they were supposed to shoulder some of the costs anyway, everything from here on would be paid by them. That means I am to just pay what I currently owe the hardware, the paint, and the carpenter. The wood and other supplies that might be needed today and in the ensuing days, the owners would take care of. I'm really lucky in this respect. Some pics of day 1 of the construction. The store front. Taken from the original living room. The wall on the left is one of the bedrooms. Jerry taking a look at the new bedrooms, which were moved to the location of the original living area. The view from the ha

Stress Galore

The stress is getting to me. I didn't expect to spend this much on the construction. Jer kept saying earlier that we will not have enough space for everything. We might not have enough money to immediately stock the store up. The paint is going to cost more than I expected. Blah blah blah.

A Whole Lot of TV

Spending all day at home has made me realize just how much you can watch on TV. I don't really get this strong urge to watch TV but for the past month, I had gotten used to watching shows such as American Chopper on SkyCable's preview of Discovery Turbo. They really have cool shows about cars, hot rods, and bikes. You can experience building these rides, buying chassis, Harley parts , and all that you need to come up with an awesome bike or car - all through the TV. It's a virtual experience, of course, but it does not mean it is any less fun. Pity that SkyCable is offering the channel only for Platinum subscribers and they do not have the facilities for that in my area.

On An Appliance High

We paid a visit to an appliance sale (thanks again, Livi!) yesterday and boy, did I get high! They sold brands like Moulinex, Krups, Brun, Dowell, and more. It was a bit overwhelming, seeing all those appliances being sold at very low prices. So what did I walk away with? Well, I was only really planning on getting a turbo broiler and I was so delighted to see one for only PhP1,100 (approx. 23 USD). I also wanted a coffee grinder and we found one for PhP1,300 (approx. 27 USD). As I was looking around, I noticed Jerry following me with a dirty and ugly box. There was a jewel inside, though - a Moulinex Duomo! This espresso machine normally sells for PhP5,000 (approx. 106 USD) but we got it for PhP1,800 (approx. 38 USD) - thanks to the box and a couple of scratches. Here are pics of our new babies. Oh yeah, we've named them already. The turbo is McQueen , the Duomo is LePieu, and the grinder is Grim . Since I got today off, we were able to play with them. I made barbec


The only constant thing in life is change and I am facing so many of them right now. Everything's happening so fast that I feel my head spinning, literally. I am thankful that I got a day off today because I have time to think and reflect on these changes. We've ordered the wood and other materials for downstairs and the carpenters are already hard at work. And as I sit here beside my exercise bike (which now functions as a hanger), I can't help but think that I should also plan changes regarding health. I ran across orovo reviews and am thinking of different ways to actually do something. I don't know...changes can be overwhelming.