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Wanting Jelly Beans

Whenever I feel down and out, there are certain things that are sure to make feel better - maybe not totally happy but at least comforted. Naturally, food comes high up on my list. There are a lot of things that I would like to have right now but I was surprised when something came to mind that I have not had in a long time - jelly beans.

Jer's dad used to send us jelly beans and despite the fact that they do not really fall under health food, they always cheered me up. Now I am on a mission - jelly beans mission.

I came across this site where you can buy Bulk Jelly Beans. That is, you can buy all sorts of jelly beans in large quantities. Large quantities - that's always good but here is something better: wholesale prices! I was really excited to see that they carry the brand Jelly Belly as this is something that brings me back to my childhood. They have all sorts of varieties of Jelly Belly and I think I discovered quite a few types of candies that I have never heard of before.

Of course, there are more on offer than Jelly Belly. You can find other brands of jelly beans for really cheap. They also have some promos going on, where you can get lotsa candy for less than $3! This is jelly belly heaven, I am telling you.

This is a paid post.


  1. Thank you for the post. I can;t allow myself to purchase jelly beans but good food comforts indeed. Though the best remedy at times when everything fall down is a good chatter - the friend who helps to listen to the silence and thus accompany the healing.

  2. Yes, indeed. Friends can comfort us in ways that (comfort) food can't.


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