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This is What a Big Breakfast Should Be

I don't normally eat breakfast - it seems that my stomach is not ready for food early in the morning. But when I do eat breakfast, I make a big deal out of it. That is why I really do not like eating the breakfast meals at McDonald's or Jollibee - they leave me unsatisfied. For the price that you pay, I think that you should be getting more, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Last week, I made my own big breakfast (although I had it for lunch). Thanks to Vicki, my tuyo (dried salted fish) was finally satisfied. Take a look at this.

3 Hotdogs, 2 fried eggs, and 3 pieces of yummy tuyo. Oh, and don't overlook the dipping sauce - Del Monte vinegar with a dash of salt and some garlic. Of course, a steaming cup of rice (it was still cooking when I took this picture) completes the meal. THIS is what those fastfood chains should have for their big breakfast menu.


  1. yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i want tuyo again. I won't forget you when I buy. You make it look soooooooooooo good.


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